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Office Relocation

Moving isn’t fun, and when it involves IT network it can be downright stressful.
We can help you with specific technology migration issues or we can execute an entire IT relocation. From dismantling your network at your old location to setting it up and getting you settled in at your new one, we’ve got you covered.
We’ll find out what connectivity is available in your new office and provide competitive quotes for new lines to be installed in your new office and we’ll take care of the reconfiguration required on your network equipment such as firewalls and routers. We’ll provide a comprehensive plan of what needs to happen and make sure it all happens when it needs to.
You can rely on us to effectively handle every aspect of your move—safely, securely and without incident.

Minimum Interruption

Planning your migration with an experienced IT expert helps your business continues with the minimum amount of interruption and down-time, making it beneficial for critical businesses.

Newest Technologies

You can make your office relocation an opportunity to eliminate all of your old office known flaws and use the newer, faster and more reliable technologies in your new office.

Data Backup\Verification

We are aware of that your business data integrity is one of our main job in your IT Relocation, so we double check everything so nothing can go wrong in the middle.

DataCenter Migration

We can either take full responsibility for the migration or assist your team as needed. Our skilled team documents, uninstalls, reinstalls, configures, and documents your data center environment, honoring all security guidelines in transit.

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