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Reducing the Business Cost of Network Failure with a Managed Services Provider

About Us

Our company's founder Mr. Cumhur Altıntaş, has came to a passion in new technologies and IT in early ages of computers back in 1988. The one thing that is noticeable in IT services is that everyone needs a friend that knows how to give technological advices and sometimes fix things.
So, aware of this point that not everyone have this type of friends to turn into in the matter of technological problems, he decided to found a company to provide IT services in a friendly environment that everyone can benefit.
At first we focused on providing computer parts and services by the name of "Notebook Pazarı" in 2001. Later, in 2012 we changed the company's name to "Cumbaba Bilişim Hizmetleri. LTD." and ONSERVIS became a brand name for IT Services provided by this company.
Our main goal is to present Reliable, Clear and Cost-Efficient solutions based on our customers needs.

Why Us?

Our office is well-placed in the business heart of Istanbul. By selecting us, you can expect to have ease of mind in receiving Professional Up-to-Date services and Clear Invoices. All in a Friendly environment.

Let Us be your friend!

We think of you as one of us. We always pay close attention to our customer's special situations. We try our best to view the problem, and the solution, from your point of view so you Never feel like an Outsider with us.

Happy Customers, Healthy Business!

We believe that Customer Satisfaction should be the core of every successful business. The result of a survey conducted in 2016 showed High Customer Satisfaction rates up to 94% with our services.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Success in business doesn't achieve in a night, it needs a lot of effort and constant care and progress. Here at ONSERVIS we try our best to create a Trust-Bond with our customers and responding to their needs.

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Main Office
Büyükdere Cad. Raşit Rıza Sok. No: 11/A
Mecidiyeköy / Şişli / İSTANBUL
TEL: +90 (212) 216 82 82
FAX: +90 (212) 216 74 74