CCTV Surveillance Cameras

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CCTV Surveillance Cameras

Security and monitoring of a workplace is something that keeps every manager’s mind busy. We can provide advanced CCTV camera systems for your workplace with numerous benefits and options such as recording, transferring live or recorded video to a remote PC or mobile phone, motion detection alarm systems and more.
CCTV and security surveillance solutions that we can provide are the best way to protect your home or business with high-quality surveillance and storage. Our team is well-versed in setting systems of all sizes, from small businesses to retail shops.
We source only the top quality in surveillance products, ensuring you get the best quality image and sound, have precision control over your equipment and can securely store data.

Watch Your Business

By using video transfer services and special iOS or Android Applications you can watch your business remotely from every place in the world.

24\7 Security

Benefiting from well-known CCTV Surveillance Systems you can have a reliable security system that works without any interruption all the time under any circumstances.

Motion Detection

We can add IR motion detectors as an added layer of security for your business or just use Integrated Motion Detection in Cameras. Motion Detection can trigger Alarms or Recording for more secure environments.

Live\Recorded Video

You can see live or recorded videos whenever you want. Thanks to Motion Detection activated Recording, you can store recorded videos for any amount of time that you prefer and access them in no time.

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